Episode 2: Karen Klassen. Piecing it together.

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Episode 2 features Edmonton based mosaic artist Karen Klassen. We sat down on a Monday morning in her studio surrounded by buckets of rocks, minerals, wood and metal.

We chatted about her first large scale piece, her path to mosaic, public art, being a woman artist, her Goddess project and much more.

Mother Earth © Karen Klassen
Mother Earth © Karen Klassen 60×72″ 152x182cm Mixed Media Mosiac Used with permission.
Assorted pieces. © Karen Klassen Used with permission.
YEGCanvas Billboard mentioned in podcast. © Karen Klassen. Used with permission.
Goddess. © Karen Klassen
Goddess. © Karen Klassen 84″ 213cm tall. Multimedia mosaic sculpture. Used with permission.

Karen is represented at The Avens Gallery in Canmore, AB and you can find more on her and her work on her website. karenklassenmosaics.ca/






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