Episode 1: Jori Warren. Looking for the Wow

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Our first episode features Edmonton painter Jori Warren. I sat down with Jori in her kitchen on an unreasonably cold April morning.

We had a wide ranging chat with topics including her background as a set and prop designer, her love of finding “wow” in everyday items, the challenges of being a self taught artist, current projects, social media and the family events that changed her life and made her take up painting full time.

Life's A Bowl © Jori Warren
Life’s A Bowl © Jori Warren 40×40″ 101x101cm Acrylic on Canvas Used with permission

Jori produces work in great detail, yet at a large scale and it really does have that wow factor. We spoke about her recent currency series and her upcoming car series.

Canada $150 (left) and Pocket Change( right
Canada $150 (left) and Pocket Change( right) © Jori Warren 32×60″ 170x152cm Acrylic on canvas. Used with permission
Hidden Treasure
Hidden Treasure © Jori Warren 67×46″ 170x116cm Acrylic on canvas. Used with permission

As you’ll hear in the interview, Jori is represented in Edmonton at Udell Xhibitions and you can check out all of her work on her website joriginals.ca.

As you’ll hear in the interview she’s also very active on social media so be sure to check her out.


I hope you enjoy our first episode.

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