Introducing Audio on Visual

What is it?

Audio on Visual is a podcast that hopes to bring you into the artist studio, whether that be a 1000 sq ft studio or a extra bedroom in a condo, to help you get to know the struggles, triumphs and day to day lives of people creating visual arts.

Initially, the artists featured will be from my circle of friends and acquaintances, which are mostly Edmonton and Alberta based but I do have quite a few folks I know through social media spread out all over the world. I hope to feature some of them through the magic of the Skype interview.

The artists you hear will, for the most part, be people you have probably never heard of, although you may be familiar with their work. This isn’t a podcast that will be featuring “famous” artists, rather, it is focused on those artists that live and work right beside you.

How will it work?

Where I can, I’ll be interviewing each artist in their own studio for about an hour and I’m planning on distilling that down to a 30 minute episode. I plan for about an episode a month due to the fact that I work full time and, you know, make art.  I’ll be offering the podcast from this website as well as through Google Play and iTunes. As a companion to the audio podcast, I’ll be producing a short video for each artist featuring interview highlights, some studio shots and some images of the artist’s work. These will be released on YouTube and embedded on this site.

When can I hear it?

I am lining up the first 3 or 4 artists as I write this and have interviews starting next week. I hope to have something available by May 1. Stay tuned and be sure to follow @AudioOnVisual on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

And of course you can always follow me @JayIsPainting

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